Vassar Drive, South Boulder renovation and addition, No. 1

FB model 08

This project is a radical re-imaging of a 1960s walk-out ranch on Vassar Drive in South Boulder.  The original house had suffered from a number of unfortunate additions and our projects consists of removing and repairing the house from those intrusions as well as adding a new second story.  With spectacular, north-facing views, the new house will have a large shaded deck that takes advantage of those uninterrupted views.

Mapleton studio building

Tucked behind the main house on Mapleton Avenue in Boulder’s Whittier neighborhood, we are under construction on small studio building.

KE model 02

This building looks a bit barn-like and compliments the older house which is its site partner.  Located directly on the alley, the building contains a single car garage as well as the studio, storage loft and powder room.

This project is fairly far along in construction and we hope to be posting some more current construction photos soon.

Sunshine Canyon courtyard house

SW model 15A

About 5 miles up into the foothills from Boulder, we are in construction of a large, radial courtyard house.  The spectacular site for this house looks south and has an uninterrputed 180 degree view from Denver to the high, snow-capped Rocky Mountains.  Designed to create a protected, sheltered space from the brisk alpine winds, the house simultaneously nestles around a courtyard as it looks outward to the panoramic view.


We have utilized an array of advanced energy saving materials and construction techniques for this house and we are currently in the construction framing stage ongoing.

We will be posting more updates on this project as it continues.

West Arapahoe, Boulder renovation and addition


This old house is located at west Arapahoe in the older part of town.  This photo is from the 1929 Tax Assessors files and unfortunately the house has not moved forward in time with grace.  A large, ungainly porch covers the entire front now and part of our task will be to remove that porch and then renovate the entire house and add a new kitchen and family room addition.

TN model image 02

The new addition mimics the single large gable of the existing house but turns in ninety degrees to clearly distinguish the old vs. new parts of the house. Significantly limited by setbacks and the City of Boulder’s Solar Shadow Ordinance, the new addition is kept small and is compatible, but distinct from the original house.

We will be posting more photos and images of this project as it moves forward through permitting and construction.

Martin Park, South Boulder renovation and addition

WC model 05a


One of our current, on-going projects is a complete renovation and second story addition to a typical 1960s ranch house in South Boulder.  Located on the edge of Martin Park, this house has full exposure from three sides and our architectural solution is treating the entire structure as a sculptural mass rather than a front-back problem.

Currently in the design phase, this project will be heading into permitting soon and as it is very limited with regard to the City of Boulder’s Solar Shadow ordinance, we have very carefully placed the second story to comply without the necessity for a variance.


Julliard Street construction progress

photoThis is a quick construction progress photo of a large renovation and additions project in South Boulder on Juilliard Street.  This single-story ranch was expanded by adding a second story master bedrooms suite and new associated stair.  The entire main level of the house was extensively renovated including moving the kitchen to the northeast corner of the house to capture better views of the north foothills